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Principal Investigator

Shaheen got her PhD at the University of California - Irvine followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University. When not doing/thinking about science, Shaheen spends her time with her two energetic boys hiking, kayaking and exploring new places to eat in the bay area.



Research Specialist

Veronica got her Masters from the University of Southern California. An UCSC alum she is the go-to person in the lab from science to things to do in Santa Cruz. Veronica is a native of Mexico and loves to explore and enjoy different cultures through music and food. A novice half-marathon runner and sports fanatic.



Post-doctoral Fellow

Originally from Gilfach Goch in South Wales, I’ve spent the last 7 years studying in London where I received my PhD from Brunel University in molecular biology studying the hormone asprosin, liquid blood biopsies and ovarian cancer. I joined the Sikandar lab in January 2023 as a CIRM fellow where I am investigating the effects of pregnancy and aging within the mammary stromal environment as well as the role of the adaptor protein GULP1. When not in the lab you can find me running along west cliff, hiking or at the movies.

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Graduate Student

Isobel is a PhD student in the Sikandar Lab and joined Spring 2021. She grew up in the Bay Area and graduated with her BS in Biochemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH in May 2016. After graduation, Isobel worked as a research technician at the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard studying HIV, then in the Corcoran Lab at the MGH Cancer Center studying liquid biopsies in colorectal cancer. In the Sikandar Lab Isobel is working with the proteins GULP1 and LMO2 and how they play a role in tumor heterogeneity. Outside of the lab, Isobel enjoys cooking and baking, walking around tide pools, and watching something new on Netflix.



Graduate Student

Andrew is a PhD student and has been a member of the Sikandar Lab since Spring of 2022. In 2021, he received his BS in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from University of Washington (Seattle) with minors in Chemistry and Informatics. In lab, Andrew is investigating long term molecular changes in the mammary gland due to aging and pregnancy, and how these molecular alterations affect risk of breast cancer. When he’s not in lab, Andrew enjoys reading, going for a swim at the beach, concerts, and spending time with friends & family.

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Graduate Student

Talieh is a Ph.D. student co-advised in the Sikandar and Hinck Labs. She joined in 2022. She grew up in Iran and moved to the Bay Area in her late 20s. She graduated with B.S. in Pharmaceuticals Chemistry at UC Davis in 2017. After graduation, Talieh worked as a pharmacy technician at CVS and for two years as a research associate at UCSF. In the Sikandar and Hinck Labs, Talieh is working on the role of ROBO1 protein in ER+ breast cancer. In her free time, Talieh enjoys walking, surfing, and watching Netflix.



Junior Research Specialist

Sachin recently graduated from UCSC with a major in Human Biology. In the lab, Sachin is researching the tumor microenvironment's role in the metastasis of breast cancer.  Aside from the lab, Sachin likes to go camping, playing table tennis, cooking, and traveling.



Undergraduate Researcher

Maria Juarez is a 4th year undergraduate, majoring in MCD Biology. They are a MARC Scholar and hope to use their research experience to become a professor and mentor to other Latine scientists. In their free time they enjoy reading, sewing, and hiking to waterfalls.


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